IBOSS® 8 oz


NAVIGATE your style! This classic style hair texturizing gel; based on vitamins, proteins and extracts from nutritional and medicinal plants from around the world, will defend you from dandruff, fungi, grease, UV Rays, and pollution using a protective layer of state-of-the-art biological chemistry.  

Decrease free radicals in the body, boost healthy cell generation and stimulate natural hair growth, protect your hair and hydrate it, while avoiding eczema, dermatitis, and promoting circulation in the scalp.

INGREDIENTS; Sage, nettle, wheat germ, cactus, onion, garlic, aloe vera, sunflower, argan oil, vitamin A, vitamins B12, B9, omega 3 are vegan, and the groundbreaking formula is cruelty-free.

PROPERTIES: Antibiotics, Antiseptic, Antibacterial, and Antioxidants

BENEFITS: Protects the hair from free radicals and helps with: Dandruff, Fungi, Oily Scalp, anti-static, and protects from UV Rays.

DIRECTIONS: Apply this powerful Gel onto the palm of the hand or on the fingertips and style hair as desired.

Alcohol Free

Sulfate Free

Parabens Free


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