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Earth Line VITAMIN BOOSTER® 4 oz


STRENGTHEN hair strands from root to tip with 320 PURE VITAMIN BOOSTER. UPHOLD healthy, lustrous hair using its rich nutrients and multi vitamins with our blend of nourishing organic extracts and natural ingredients such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and goji Berry.

Alcohol Free

Sulfate Free

Parabens Free


Split Ends


1. Wash hair thoroughly with PURE DEEP CLEANSE SHAMPOO

2. Towel dry to remove excess water.

3. Spray 320 PURE VITAMIN BOOSTER directly onto scalp.

4. Massage into scalp with fingertips.

5. Do not rinse.

Best used with 320 PURE DEEP CLEANSE SHAMPOO for best results. 


has been used as both a food flavoring and in traditional medicine. It holds a high content of minerals like calcium, zinc, and sulfur.  Garlic has anti-microbial properties that help kill germs… See Glossary

Ginkgo Biloba:
Ginkgo is a vasodilator and an antioxidant often used for the treatment of poor circulation which aids the supply of nutrients to the scalp.  It contains terpenoids and flavonoids… See Glossary

Ginsenosides are the active components of ginseng and are thought to be responsible for its positive effect on hair. Ginseng is an age-old natural remedy for many conditions… See Glossary


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